The vision of the Tabernacle of David

Joel Engel wants to impact all the continent with the same vision that has been changed the destiny of leaderships and ministries in many nations.

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Joel Engel is planting The vision of the Tabernacle of David in African nations. (Image: Broadcast)

When Joel Engel was still in the beginning of his ministry, the prophet had a vision of the worship in heaven where God receives our worship day and night unceasingly.

In that same day, the first group of 24-hours prayer without break was just born. Then God gives his servant the commission to take this vision to the nations establishing prayer and worship to the Lord 24/7, for he is fully enthroned in that region.
This has become a reality in all places around the country.

Brazilian regions

In order to reach the nation, the prophet has appointed leaders from each one of the 5 regions in this country to spread this vison and establishes prayer teams in every Brazilian city and state.


The next step is to implement this vision in other nations. The first target is Africa, where Joel Engel wants to impact all the continent with the same vision that has been changed the destiny of leaderships and ministries in many nations: The vision of the Tabernacle of David. His mission has been to release the fire on leaderships, to raise and train them to lift up towers of prayer and worship in every city without break. These towers don’t need to be lifted up as physical structures, but it can work inside every church, it’s a place where members and leaders change turns day and night, without leaving any minute of the prayer schedule, therefore, to fill a 24-hour period during the 7 days a week.

This desire comes from a deep assurance that the more nations join this vision, much higher is going to be the level of anointing they shall receive: “When the prayer is made individually, its capable to produce just a little of anointing, however, if everybody were in unity, it would go higher in heaven, producing the rain that comes from the rivers of God. Every single tear and every single minute gave by the warriors in the presence of the Lord, has been transformed into anointing”, he explained.

So, the warriors of pray like pastor Mauro Lastra, President of the Evangelical Ministers Council of Rio Grande do Sul (Conime) and the Archbishop Bwambale Wilson representative of the Prophetic School in Africa has been multiplied the vision of the Tabernacle in that nation.

The Archbishop Bwambale Wilson is bringing together thousands of african leaders to receive Joel Engel, that will implement the vision and anoint the warriors of 28 nations.

The President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is waiting prophet Joel such is the expectation for the event.
The engagement and the commitment of the Africans on praying, added to the thirsty people for the anointing, has brought more and more of the presence of the Eternal God.

Prayer Teams

Archbishops, bishops and pastors has mobilized themselves making teams of 24-hour prayer to pray for the conference.

The Tabernacle and the local environment

The King David was the man after God’s heart, for this reason he’s chosen to establish the Tabernacle of Prayer. This was the golden age for the nation of Israel and the only time in the history when the people had conquered all the territories left, taking possession of unprecedented wealth. When the Tabernacle is established in a country or territory, then the government of God is also established, changing all the environment. That happened when in Rio Grande do Sul in 2012, when the worst drought of the last 70 years was won by prayers. After that, the state of Roraima that was living a drought for 3 years has received the rain, when we’d preached to the governor of the state, we challenge him to institute the daily prayer in the palace and he kneels before God right in front of people confessing Jesus.

From that moment, it started to rain on the state. God also took me to make a prophetic act and to say a prophetic word to the native people that changed their lives. They should forgive the white man and give their lives and lands to Jesus for the rain could come. Testified the Apostle. And he finishes saying: “At that same time the team of warriors were praying for this matter and the result was the major rain of the last 40 years in Roraima. There was peace between the native people and the white man, a product of the Tabernacle of Prayer established in that place – He has the power to change de atmosphere and transform every situation”.

In December of this year, the prophet goes to another stage for the growth of the vision of The Tabernacle of David. The target will be 28 African nations that are under the covering of the Archbishop Bwambale Wilson, from the Agape Church, at the First Conference for more than 8 thousand African leaders in Uganda. “As soon as we come from Israel, we will be attending this mission to Africa from 01th to 04th of December. The vision of the Tabernacle of David is reaching the earth. There are over a hundred nations that has joined us and practicing this vision”. He celebrated.


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