Apostle Fred Berry: “We can sense the power of the Lord in Jerusalem”

Apostle Fred Berry: “We can sense the power of the Lord in Jerusalem”

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Apostle Fred Berry: “We can sense the power of the Lord in Jerusalem”A wonderful experience. Using these words, Apostle Fred Berry described the mission trip “Aviva Israel 2013”. The Leader of Azusa Street Mission, spoke to Guiame website about those days – may / 2013 – he spent in Jerusalem with his wife – Wilma Berry – and a brazilian team as one of the spiritual guides, beside Pastor Joel Engel. 

In an exclusive interview, Apostle Berry, talked about the quality of that trip, the prophetic acts, fellowship in the group and the constant presence of the spirit of the Lord during those days.

Check the whole interview right bellow:

Guiame: You were in Jerusalem this May/2013, for a Mission Trip with some other pastors and friends.  What effects you believe can happen after those prophetic acts made in that holy land?

Apostle Fred Berry: We had a wonderful experience, every detail  of the trip was well planned!  The Spirit of God accompanied us on our journey, we experienced a fresh flow of the Lord through worship and in our times of prayer at the various locations. The prophetic acts conducted on this years journey served to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord....We can sense a breaking forth of the Spirit and power of the Lord in Jerusalem...Something is about to happen again in Jerusalem. Everyone on this journey where forerunners that prepares and repairerers of the breach between Jew and gentile. We are committed for the next seven years for this project.
Guiame: This great revival in Israel that You and those pastors were praying about could be annother effect from that one on Azusa Street or that would be a different situation / context for a revival?

Apostle Fred Berry: The next great revival will be greater than the Azusa Street revival of 1906 and will be much different. God does not do encores but can do a new things.We live in a new day and a new time but our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.... The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead will also be upon the believers.....We believe for new miracles, news signs and wonder but all for the same reason. The confirmation of the Gospel is the same way! God does it. He is the same and has the same message. Jesus saves, Jesus heals, Jesus baptizes with the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ is coming again... 
Our tour leaders, Ricardo & Regina were AWESOME, professional and very personable! We saw the participants touched by God during our time at the Upper room, Mount Carmel and the Garden of Gethsemane.  On the bus we had a great time with all the participants, listening to worship songs and fellow-shipping. 
By João Neto

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