"The ministry of prophecy is not to all", says Dr. James Goll at 'Voice of the Prophets'

In an exclusive interview to Guiame, Dr. James Goll talked about his personal experiences, such as the gift of prophecy and also revealed that It has had strong visions about Brazil.

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Dr. James Goll is president of the organization 'Encounters Network' and director of the ministries 'Prayer Storm' and 'Encounters Training'.  (Photo: Whatchman4Wales)
Dr. James Goll is president of the organization 'Encounters Network' and director of the ministries 'Prayer Storm' and 'Encounters Training'. (Photo: Whatchman4Wales)

Hundreds of Christian leaders gathered during April 13 to 16th (2016), in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA) to attemd to the 'Voice of the Prophets' Conference - one of the most important Christian meetings in an international level - which was accompanied exclusively by Guiame.
In this edition, the event had great speakers, like Randy Clark, Kayle Mumbi, James Goll, Larry Randolph and Shawn Bolz & Cherie. During these four days they could share their knowledge of ministry and spiritual growth.
In an exclusive interview to Guiame, Dr. James Goll - president of the organization 'Encounters Network' and director of the ministries 'Prayer Storm' and 'Encounters Training' - talked about his personal experiences, such as the gift of prophecy and also revealed that It has had strong visions about Brazil.
The speaker had the opportunity to talk to the Guiame director, Pr. Marcos Corrêa and the renowned writer - Author of more than 200 books - Pr. Édino Melo.
Check out, this whole conversation below:

Pr. Marcos Corrêa: Here We are in ‘The Voice of The Prophets’ Conference and in this morning we had Dr. James Goll preaching. In his speech that impact all of us, He spoke about his personal experiences, healing e this prophetic voice he has with him and this brought us a view about healing, prophecy and life with God. Now we want to know what has been the greatest impact in your ministry and personal experiences.

Dr. James Goll: I’m James Goll, from Tennessee. I’ve had the honor to minister in more than 50 different nations and I have four of my books right now translated into portuguese. But that is a wonderful for You to ask. Fist of all, just let me say thank you. I don’t if ‘gracias’ Works or not. ‘Como vai você?’ [laughing].

We each have people and experiences that impact our lives. But first of all, before I mention people or experiences, I want to mention that what is available to every single person: a passionate living relationship with Jesus. Because the book of Revelations says the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. So, if You wanna grow and begin in the prophetic, just get closer to Jesus and He will want to give a testimony through You today. That will be the voice of God today. So there’s God himself, obviously and I cannot overemphasize that. I didn’t give myself a gift, You didn’t give yourself a gift, but the Holy Spirit gives gifts.

So first of all I wanna point to God himself. God gave me a gift and God wants to give You gifts. One of these gifts is prophecy. One of the ministries of the Spirit is prophecy and to some, not to all. It’s a five-fold ministry: a pastor, a teacher, an envagelist, a prophet and an apostle. So I have gorwn over years, over 40 years, I’ve been prophecied for over 40 years.

So I started in the gift of prophecy, and it became a consistente gift that became ministry, but when You become an equiper, training people to do what You do, that is a diferente aspect. Jesus gave some as apostles and prophets.
So first of all, I wanna point to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit and to God Father and I know what I am saying is very simple, but the second thing I wanna point to is the Word of God, the study that show yourself and prove as man of God. I pray the Bible. I don’t just read the Bible. I pray that I could experience everything that is in that book. Guess what: God answers those prayers, God answers this hunger.

So first of all, I have to give honor to God, second I have to give honor to Word of God and now I am quickly mention some who has impacted my life no Corpo de Cristo. One of these people is with the Lord now, his name is Derek Prince, He was from England and then He came to United States. One of the greatest Bible teachers in the Charismatic Movement. His life greatly impacted my life. So that was one of my teaching influences. One of prophetic influences I’ve had the privilegie of minister for years, a prophetic seer named Bob Jones and He greatly impacted my life. Há vários outros. I’ll tell You one experience. Another man who impacted my life is Mahesh.

Pr. Édino Melo: He’s an extraordinary person.

Dr. James Goll: He’s one of my friends.

Pr. Édino Melo: He teaches about the time and actions in The Presence. We are working on a movement in Brazil today called ‘Mergulhados na Presença’ [‘Submerged in The Presence’], with apostle Edilson Silva and hundreds of people everyday have walked into the secret place, to have intimacy with God’s heart, for the voice [of God] flows. Mahesh Chavda has taught a lot about that.

Dr. James Goll: He’s one of my friends of lifetime. My wife and I could not have children. Medically, we were talked was impossible for us to have children. He prayed for us and Jesus performed the miracle. So today I have ‘four grown miracles’ and we could not have any children. I konw this man’s life. I have walked with him over 35 years. He is one of my actually closest friends. Mahesh knows prayer and fasting, living in the supernatural. I have walked with him many years. He’s also been one of my major friends and mentors.

Pr. Édino Melo: He [Mahesh] has taught a lot about investing time in the presence of God. Finishing this wonderful moment, I would like you to tell us about you experiences, beeing in the presence and loving God just because He is who He is na how importante it is for all of us.

Dr. James Goll: I wish We had hours today. Psalm 91: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty”. But He who dwells... that’s a living zone, that’s place. It’s a person, it’s a place. I atempt to have a personal ministry before God. My first goal is not to impact men. My first goal is to touch the heart of God and the heart of God to touch me. Out of that, then I can go. I am not ministring my own strenght. And then people think: “Is’nt James all great?”. But I hope people have left thinking: “What was that presence with that man?”; “What was that X Factor?”.

So one of my goals is like Moses, in Exodus 33. He prayed: “Show me your glory, show me your glory”. Lord answered his prayer and what God did is amazing. He said: “I will let my goodness pass before You”. I wanna tell You one of the greatest revelations that impacted and changed my life is coming on to the understanding that God is good all the time. He’s not a harsh father. He is a good good God and He has good good gifts. He loves to give His presence to His people. So I think I just met my Brothers.

Pr. Marcos Corrêa (left) and Dr. James Goll (right). (Photo: Guiame)

Pr. Marcos Corrêa: Prophet James Goll, besides a great prophet, you’re a great singer as well [laughing]. I’d like you to leave a message to brazilian people. Although our imperfections, here We are, with a group of 30 brazilians.

Dr. James Goll: Brazil, today, even You might not see yourself this way, one of my spiritual fathers - he is internationaly recognized - C. Peter Wagner says that Brazil is one of the five nations of the Earth that are experiencing the move of Holy Spirit. And I want to say this to the believers of Brazil: Don’t stop! God has began a great work in the nation of Brazil. Don’t get sidetrack by politics, don’t get siidetrack by the spirit of religion, don’t get sidetrack by economics. The Holy Spirit has already started to coming down with his finger in the nation of Brazil and He, who has began the good work is going to perfect it. So You have some growing churches, but now there is going to an increase of His presence, it’s going invade the churches’ structure of Brazil.

You have embraced a lot the message of the Gospel of Salvation, but the message of the gospel of the kingdom is coming to Brazil, to take these empowered believers and with hope solutions for economics, for the government, for the Church, for education, for every aspect of Brazil. In the future, if this revival continues in Brazil, You will be one of the main missionaries sending nations in the Earth. Because the Holy Spirit is sending Brazil apart to be an apostolic birthing place to send labors to the nations. Nigeria is one of these nations.

Across the Earth today, some of the greatest preachers come from Nigeria and God is going to do that to Brazil. He’s going to empower You in Brazil and You’re going to receive the teaching, the apostolic and prophetic impact from United States and North America. True apostolic centers are rising up. I see whole cities... I’ve seen for years... I’ve had dreams about Brazilia, na entire city right under the presence of God. Time is a limitation right now, but there’s no limitation to God. And when You have hunger You will draw the very presence of God himself. So my word to You? Don’t stop! Keep on going and You will become one of the major apostolic sending nations in the Earth. Amem!?

Pr. Marcos Corrêa: We thank You, Dr. James Goll. May God keep blessing your ministry and remember o fus, brazilians.

"The Voice of The Prophets"
According to the organization 'Global Awakening', the meeting has as its major goal to promote a God's Kingdom Culture.

"In a time of great transformation and shifting, the need to fully realize what it means to live a Kingdom culture becomes all the more evident", says a part from an official presentation text.

"As the world steps into a time of reformation, the Bride of Christ is called to foster the atmosphere of Heaven across the nations. Now is the time to draw closer to the heart of the Father, to seek His strategies and manifest the words that have been spoken over this nation. It is a cultural shift as people from all across the world rise up and seize the prophetic destiny that God has for each person".


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