Christian Artist Josh Wilson Helps Fans Through Tough Times

Christian Artist Josh Wilson Helps Fans Through Tough Times

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If you’ve ever found yourself falling apart, you’re not alone. Singer/songwriter Josh Wilson has been so overwhelmed with responses to his latest single “Fall Apart” that he’s launched a website for people to share their stories and be encouraged.

Testimonials have been pouring in from fans explaining how they have been touched by “Fall Apart,” the latest single from his new album, See You.

Wilson was inspired to write “Fall Apart” after seeing his friend go through a difficult divorce.

“Right in the middle of it, we had this really amazing conversation, and he said that even though everything was falling apart, he felt God’s presence more than he ever had,” says Wilson, the son of a preacher.

“He said how much he needed God.”

The influx of responses to the song has inspired him to launch where listeners can watch a touching video from Wilson and hear personal accounts about how faith has pulled them through tough times.

Now Wilson hopes the website will give people the encouragement they need to get through whatever situation they are facing. “Hard times are a magnifying glass on how much we need him,” he said. “That’s when we feel God’s presence the most.”

“Fall Apart” was the most added song at AC out of the gate and made its debut to the National Audience Chart just two weeks after its launch.

It follows on from the strong start by his debut hit from See You, “I Refuse,” which is currently placed in the Top three at AC and the National Audience Chart.

This fall, Wilson will be taking to the stage with Grammy Award-winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman and Andrew Peterson.

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