Church Constructions Halted by Opposition

Church Constructions Halted by Opposition

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Anti-Christian extremists put a halt to church construction work in two states of India.

In one of these states, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Rahman Mukopadhyay had seen God do miraculous work in the village he was serving. When he first came to this village, Rahman faced a lot of opposition while sharing the Good News, but God touched people's hearts, and eventually a good number chose to follow Christ.

As the congregation of believers grew, they no longer had sufficient room to worship the Lord together. So they began praying for a piece of land.

God answered their prayers, blessing them with good property for the church building. They dedicated the construction to the Lord and laid the foundation for the building.

However, a group of anti-Christian extremists demanded the believers to stop immediately.

Pastor Rahman requests prayers for the church building's construction to continue and for its timely completion. Please pray for him and his congregation to remain strong in the Lord in the midst of this opposition.

In another state of India, one village was about to receive a new church building, but some villagers and local officials opposed the work.

The village leader gave permission for the building to be erected, but when the believers had completed the first floor, the opponents told the believers to stop building.

GFA-supported leaders in the area desire prayer for God to change the hearts of those opposing the construction. Please intercede for this church building to be completed without any more hindrances.

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