Churches release prayers for the Royal couple ahead of wedding

Churches release prayers for the Royal couple ahead of wedding

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The Church of England’s prayer for Prince William and Kate Middleton is posted on its website and is also for all those “made one in marriage”.

The prayer has been adapted from Common Worship and joins one made available earlier for schools and young children. The new prayer asks God to “look in favour” on the royal couple and “all who are made one in marriage”.

It also asks God to “deepen their love” and help them to keep their vows to each other.

The Catholic prayer asks for God’s blessing upon Prince William and Miss Middleton and to give them strength to serve God, the country and the Commonwealth “with integrity and faithfulness”.

A million people are expected to travel to London for their wedding on 29 April, which has been made a national holiday. The wedding service is to be broadcast live around the world from Westminster Abbey. A global TV audience of two billion is expected to tune in for the event.

Giant screens are going up in London’s Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square for overflow crowds unable to line the official route for the procession.

Elsewhere in the country, deckchairs are being dusted off and bunting unwrapped for the roughly 4,000 street parties being planned in England and Wales to celebrate the occasion.

The Church of England prayer:

God of all grace,

friend and companion,

look in favour on William and Catherine

and all who are made one in marriage.

In your love deepen their love

and strengthen their wills

to keep the promises they will make,

that they may continue

in life-long faithfulness to each other;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


(adapted from Common Worship)

The Catholic Church’s prayer:

Heavenly Father,

we ask your blessing

upon his Royal Highness, Prince William and Catherine

as they pledge their love for each other in marriage.

May your love unite them through their lives.

Grant them the strength to serve you, our country and the Commonwealth

with integrity and faithfulness.

Through Christ our Lord.

Amen Christian Today


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