Egypt's power to shift

Egypt's power to shift

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Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak is shifting into transition. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians are still calling for his ouster. Carl Moeller with Open Doors says it may be a nod to the protesters, but "this is just one additional step in a process, and it really doesn't change the dynamics of what's really happening in Egypt, although it would be seen as a huge victory for the protesters."

Moeller goes on to say that the dynamics of the change are already set. Vice President Omar Suleiman was thought to be the next in line to take over, but since Suleiman and Mubarak are viewed as two sides of the same coin, the only thing that will keep Egypt from imploding will be a paradigm shift. "There will either be a diminished Mubarak/Suleiman regime in the next few months leading up to elections, or immediate elections held in the next few weeks."

A good thing? Maybe. Democracy as North America experiences it is a different frame of reference. Right now, there is a risk of "democracy" under a very conservative Muslim mindset. Moeller says, "Given recent polling data, if an election were to be held tomorrow, it's quite likely that Islamic extremists would have a significant--if not dominant--role to play in the new government."

Moeller explains that should that occur, there will likely be greater hardship for Christians. "The Pew Research Study conducted a survey that indicated that 84 percent of Egyptian citizens said they would favor public execution of those who leave Islam for another religion. 76 percent favor stoning for those caught in adultery."

The reaction to what is termed "apostasy" could outline what will be a desperate future for evangelism and believers. Pray for peace and for boldness. "We need to remember the church. We need to remember that the Christians in Egypt face the ‘frying pan and the fire.' Those Christians face an uncertain future. Their hope is in Jesus Christ and in His sovereignty, but the reality for our brothers and sisters in Egypt is that they face an increasingly uncertain future."

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