Faith, politics and love dominate this year's I Will Tell Film Festival

Faith, politics and love dominate this year's I Will Tell Film Festival

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Special guests expected at this year’s festival include Sylva Nfedigbo a young, passionate and outspoken social activist from Nigeria, David O Abraham, faith leader, activist and TV presenter, Lord Superior, the legendary Trinidadian calypsonian plus local business people and councillors in Brixton with a heart for social justice. 

A total of 20 films will be screened during the 11 day event and the theme of this year’s I Will Tell International Film Festival is love and its interaction with creativity, faith, politics, finance, social justice, community cohesion and individual empowerment. 

Jenny Lee, festival organiser and founder, commented, “Ever since the I Will Tell International Film Festival was launched in 2007, I’ve sought to showcase films that are entertaining, informative and which highlight issues too few films explore. 

"Some of the films that will be screened are very successful Independent films that tackle themes of love and loss; some look at challenging issues such as politics, faith, finance and slavery, whilst others explore romantic relationships and cultural expressions such as music and art. All the films are profoundly inspirational.” 

She added, “I believe that the films screened this year are exceptional and will provide much food for thought for those that visit the festival.”

The I Will Tell International Festival opens on August 30 with the Gala screening of Why Did I Get Married Too? at Lambeth Town Hall. This US box office smash stars Janet Jackson, Jill Scott and Tyler Perry and tells the stories of four black couples and the emotional rollercoasters they encounter trying to maintain their respective marriages. 

Other films being screened during the 11 day festival include: 

Calypso Dreams – An award winning film takes a loving look at the rich and complex roots of the Trinidadian music style of calypso

Weapon of War – This harrowing movie tells the story of war and rape in the Congo from the perspective of the perpetrators who are trying to make amends for their actions

Call and Response – This film explores the connection between modern day slavery, the modern day aboltionist movement and music

My Father Pablo Escbar –This film follows Sebastián Marroquín as he seeks to be reconciled with the sons of men his father, notorious drug baron Pablo Escobar, murdered.

Eyes Wide Open – reputed to be the Brokeback Mountain of the Jewish community this film explores the life of a married orthodox Jewish man who is seduced by a 19 year old homosexual student

We Need To Talk – This refreshing documentary features a group of mostly Christian women talking openly and honestly about painful issues 

The closing film is To Catch A Dollar which explores how the lives of people in a small impoverished community as far apart as Bangladesh and Harlem were transformed by providing small loans to enable them to run their own businesses 

Alongside the wide range of films that will be shown, they’ll be post screening discussions, question and answer sessions with film directors and special guest speakers. 

The event will be centred around Windrush Square in the heart of Brixton where there will be an interactive two week exhibition that challenges members of the public to engage with the idea of love and its connection with community cohesion and social transformation. There will be an innovative installation with new themes being explored every day, prize give-aways, fun games for all the family, a pampering day with hand massages and goodies from the Body Shop, steel pan lessons and other contributions from local businesses. The exhibition runs from 29 August to 11 September 2010. 

At the end of festival the most inspiring, spiritually uplifting and thought-provoking film screened will receive the The Ndinadsawapanga Award. The winning filmmaker will be able to nominate a charity to receive a prize of a share of the profits made from the festival. The festival will close with a special party open to the general public. 

Lee commented, “I want people who attend the festival to leave having enjoyed themselves but learnt something new about life, love, as well as the injustice and pain experienced by others. I also want them to leave inspired to make a positive difference in the world.”


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