In the Amazon, in God's Time!

In the Amazon, in God's Time!

Atualizado: Terça-feira, 31 Agosto de 2010 as 9:11

Jaco Moraes was climbing trees to harvest açaí fruit to help his family raise money for their every day needs. Unfortunately for Jaco, his day was about to take a turn for the worse. At about 9 AM, as he climbed the next tree, he slipped and fell from the 50 foot palm tree to the hard ground below. This steep fall should have killed the young boy, except that God had something else in mind.

It was on this same day that the medical mission boat for World Hope Missions Ministry, the JJ Mesquita, was returning from a weeklong mission trip up the Amazon River. Someone on the boat heard Jaco’s father calling out from his small boat and saw him waving a white flag. Captain Rai,the boat’s captain, immediately turned the boat toward the distress signal. The boat arrived within minutes and was directed to the shore where the young man was found bleeding and in severe respiratory distress. He had been in this condition since early morning and it was now mid afternoon.

Fortunately for Jaco and his family, there were two doctors on board ship. The first was along standing pediatrician, and the other was a medical resident, who had just completed his emergency medicine training. Interestingly enough, this second doctor was on his first mission trip. The two doctors, along with several nurses, took quick action to stabilize Jaco. A water ambulance arrived and the emergency personnel transported him to the nearest hospital. He was evaluated further and then,sent for specialized care at the large hospital in Manaus, Brazil. By the next morning, Jaco was pain free and well enough to eat breakfast. Within a few short days, he was sent home.

Asa result of Jaco’s crisis and the unexpected emergency help he received from World Hope Missions Ministry, Jaco accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He later told Dr. Jonathas Moreira, founder and president of World Hope Missions Ministry, that he will always remember that day as his “thanksgiving celebration.” Jaco was born again in the spirit that day in the jungles of the Amazon rainforest. He now knows that no matter what happens to him, he will have eternal life with Jesus.

Sometime later, Pastor Jonathas Moreira received an e-mail from the head of the Social Services Department at Hospital of Manaus with a word of thanks to the staff and volunteers of the JJ Mesquita congratulating them for their excellent care. She wrote, “A real miracle did happen that day.”

World Hope Mission Ministry is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit Christian organization that arranges short-term mission trips to the Amazon River basin in Brazil. Through these unique short-term experiences, hope is spread, healing is given and the love of Christ is shared with the impoverished villagers living along the river banks. The goal of the organization is to take volunteers willing to make a difference in the lives of these forgotten people and create a positive impact in their lives.

The heart of the Ministry is about sharing the good news of Jesus with those whom we come in contact with during the boat journey. Recognizing that the truth of the gospel is made real when people share His love in a personal and tangible manner, we provide these villagers with much needed medical and dental care as well as spiritual nurturing. As soon as the boat docks on the riverbank, people immediately come with their families seeking medical attention. It is hard to imagine that some of these people may be seeing a doctor for the first time in their life.

For those volunteers who do not have a medical background, there is plenty of other work to be done. At each village, non-medical personnel evangelize door to door,conduct vacation bible school, organize soccer games with the children or maybe even, make repairs to a villager’s home. Thus, we welcome all volunteers, no matter your age or background. We especially would love to have entire family groups to participate and share the experience as a family unit. If you or your church is interested in learning more about the organization and the mission trips, please contact the World Hope office and Dr. Moreira would love to share his heart for the ministry with you.

As with the young boy Jaco Moraes, many lives have been saved and transformed by people like you who decide to be a short-term missionary in the Amazon with World Hope Mission Ministry. But if cannot go in person, you can support us with your prayers and your donations. Please visit our website , and get involved.

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