Jars Of Clay are back with The Shelter

Jars Of Clay are back with The Shelter

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There are some bands that should never stop making music and Jars Of Clay are one of them.

The Shelter has that same down to earth feel that we all love about Jars of Clay, yet these guys have a good ear for the small tweeks that make a familiar sound feel brand new.

With this album, they've gone back to the drawing board to come up with a record which, in their own words, celebrates community.

And community is definitely what you get with this album - Brandon Heath, Mac Powell, Derek Webb, Burlap To Cashmere, TobyMac, Leigh Nash, David Crowder, Sara Groves, Matt Maher, Amy Grant - they're all on here.

In typical Jars of Clay style, The Shelter beautifully balances homemade rock with heavy synthesisers, progressive rock sounds, country acoustics, and anthems that can pull the whole crowd together.

And as with all Jars of Clay albums, it's songs are straight-talking to the max about faith and obedience, following God, living as a community of believers and keeping our eyes wide open to what God is doing.

This could be their best album to date and is certainly one of my favourite releases of 2010.

The Shelter is out October 5.   Christian Today


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