Making disciples of all

Making disciples of all

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Evangelist Dave Workman, of OAC Ministries (Open Air Campaigners), coordinates this outreach. OAC works in partnership with local churches and other ministries. Often enquirers are linked up with an Alpha group or Christianity Explored.

Because team members are diverse, so are their opportunities to help others come to faith and then grow spiritually. Two Chinese brothers have joined in outreach. One recently came to faith from a Buddhist background. He is now eager to share his experience. The team also can refer enquirers to a Chinese Bible study.

A former minister uses his wide biblical knowledge which includes Greek. One couple in their twenties has returned to Britain after living in Bethlehem for five years with a ministry among Muslims. Their knowledge of Arabic and Islam is proving a helpful addition.

Young people involved reach out to their fellow students. One valued team member is a 19 year old student who regularly gives Gospel messages. Prior to becoming a Christian a few years ago, he was an evolutionist, believing that the Bible was inaccurate. Now he is able to help those who hold similar views.

Evolution versus creation remains a topical issue. Recently, a secondary school boy in Folkestone told Dave, ‘My Mum asked me to clean my room the other day but I told her, “Why should I... I'm an animal and animals sleep in a mess!”’

A 20 minute chat followed as Dave reasoned with this student. He recalls, ‘I cited aspects from creation itself such as the fact that light hits your eye at 670 million miles an hour and within a second you’re able to assimilate hundreds of bits of information that pass through your eye. Also, I pointed out the improbability of music, love and justice coming about as a result of an explosion of hydrogen which could lead to evolution.

‘Then I shared with him the good news of the Creator Himself. He finally responded by saying, “I’ve changed my mind. I can see that there is a Designer.” He accepted a Gospel and assured me, “Now I definitely am going to read this with a different view.”’

Dave concludes that when people of all ages recognise an intelligent Creator, they can then see Jesus and the message of the cross as being credible. And the mother of the teenager who no longer justifies a messy room would add that discipleship and discipline have an encouraging way of working together.   Christian Today

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