Ministry Reports Outpouring of Miracles in Nigeria

Ministry Reports Outpouring of Miracles in Nigeria

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So says Daniel Kolenda, an evangelist with Christ for All Nations, a Florida-based ministry founded by Reinhard Bonnke that has been leading crusades across Africa for more than 30 years. 

In an email report about CfaN's Karu crusade this week, Kolenda said a woman who had been crippled by a spinal cord injury rushed onto the platform with her crutches raised over her head. Another woman who had been deaf for 20 years reportedly was able to hear, and a young man who was unable to use the right side of his body for 11 years was miraculously healed. 

"During the prayer for the sick, he suddenly felt something come out of his head and realized that he had full and perfect use of his arms and legs," Kolenda reported. 

Another man whose family claimed he was mentally ill was brought to the meeting for prayer. 

"He was so violent and vicious that he had to be tied up," Kolenda said of the man. "Before the meeting, he was bound, hands and feet, behind the platform, but during the prayer he returned to his senses. They cut the ties and set him free. He was calm and spoke softly to me in his right mind." 

The five-day outreach in Karu, located near Abuja, Nigeria, marks the beginning of CfaN's crusade season and. The ministry will host large-scale evangelist meetings primarily in Nigeria almost monthly. Since 2000, CfaN reports that 55 million people have completed cards indicating they made decisions for Christ at crusades led by Bonnke and Kolenda.Kolenda said roughly 110,000 people attend the first night of the Karu crusade, with the number increasing to 200,000 the second night. In addition to the physical healings, he said hundreds have accepted Christ during the meetings, which end Sunday.


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